Monday, May 20, 2019

Week in the Life | The Weekend 2019

Saturday around here started off with morning time outside because the weather was just so nice.
We are loving these doors to the back patio- despite the scratched panes by previous owners pets (possibly helps to blend all the little fingerprints happening). 

Brandon wanted to send a letter to a friend and he used this cute (and very helpful) picture speller for some of the words.

Beverleigh has been experimenting with new foods lately that she now warrants her own plate. #hello8and1/2months

The weekends are often for haircuts- aka "home cuts" as my friend Jennifer calls them.

I spent the afternoon styling a space that is now for planning and Bible journaling as well as the occasional "thank you note" and "a note to say hello" writing. I've officially dubbed this space "the correspondence desk" (spoken with my best British accent). 
Turns out, I have moved my scrapbooking stuff to another area just around the corner. 

The kids busted out their "bubble gloves" for a fun time in our grassy-ish backyard.

Then I zipped over to the grocery store with Brandon to grab items for a "Mother's Day Breakfast".

Saturday ended with more outside time and then prep for Sunday morning church.

Sunday Morning breakfast was smoked salmon and/or raspberry jam on cream cheese smeared bagels. 

After Breakfast we visited a church and then came home for lunch and naps. Yes please.

Besides Bagels and coffee, the highlight of my day was Brandon asking me to play basketball with him. 
He and Simon are currently big fans of 
shooting all the hoops and dribbling tricks so of course I said "yes".

Our good game of "PIG" was followed followed with mugs of ice cream-and the Mother's Day special was Blue Bell Banana Pudding.

 Side note: I love that there's also a bag of stevia on the counter (insert eye roll).

We ended the day with an episode of "Duck Dynasty" + my heart full from a fun day spent with these kiddos who made me a Mom.

I definitely found myself snapping way less photos over the weekend and I am totally okay with that. Super grateful for the opportunity to blog our week here in our new space. 
My pictures our printed and I am putting them in the album over the next couple of days- so excited about that part! 


Friday, May 17, 2019

Week in the Life | Friday, May 10, 2019

Friday Morning brought much needed coffee, milk, and hotel cereal swag.

Spoon fed babe and hat day for mama.

A bit of hall play for kids while I got the book mess under control. Which, update : just one week later I have completely reworked that situation and they aren't even in the same location(face palm).

 Truth be told, it takes me a while to get a handle on how spaces will be used in our home and last week it needed to be tidy/ this week it needs to make more sense. 

Friday also brought our first visit to our Hobby Lobby to get a map framed and after circling the store for 30 minutes waiting on other customers to be helped we left with said map still rolled up, some faux greenery, and new cereal bowls. 

 Pit stop included a McDonald's Coffee caramel frappe thing. So good and just what I needed to power through my late night ahead. AAAAANNND, yep, my van needs a deeeeeep cleaning.

We hung out in the backyard while Joe grilled our dinner (#fridaynighttradition). Always a struggle taking turns on the hammock. Oh, and Ps. We have grass (praise hands).

More unpacking, and tidying for me while the kids played and got ready for movie night.

The last necessary thing on the "to-do" list was tackling this  closet room aka: the "catch all" that it had become as we unpacked. My "a week later..."  update is that it will become Joe's "office/library" still a part of the main area + containing all of his books=win. I was able to power through by watching "Yours, Mine, and Ours" and a little bit of "Duck Dynasty" before I went to bed early Saturday morning (1:30ish?).


Thursday, May 16, 2019

Week in the Life | Thursday, May 9, 2019

Thursday started with intentions of getting books unpacked and put away. It was a massive undertaking and one that was broken up by little errands.

I started keeping the "hair box" in the right drawer of our dining hutch in order to fix hair during or after breakfast.  This was an idea/hack I got from some smart gals on the far it is working!

Apple + Lara Bar snack for the win. 

 We took a quick trip to our local thrift shop and collected some goodies for the new home. 

The kids even found this massive play set for under five dollars. 

During naps and quiet time I caught up on some YouTube videos and cut down "shelving strips" from boxes. Basically we are using the hall linen closet as book storage and it has the type of shelving that is like a wire rack. No Bueno for books. 

Dinner prep with Selah consisted of Cheesy Herb biscuits that turned out so good.
I love that the camera caught the timestamp on the coffee maker since most of the time I am not paying attention to the "hour" but just rolling with routine. Anyone else?

I wanted a shot of all of us at the dinner table and this was the only one I got- blocking Selah girl. She was there! 

When after dinner rolled around there was this. 
A massive pile upon pile of books that had nowhere to go.
I didn't give up entirely but had to regroup and go to bed. Sorry for the "not-so-pretty-not-blog-worthy" photos but y'all, I am just keeping it real. The mess is currently contained but it was the kind of overwhelm that librarians face in terms of grouping by author, subject matter, etc. 

I'll be back tomorrow with some brighter photos for you. ha!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Week in the Life | Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Wednesday I found myself taking less photos. There just was so much happening and reflecting on it now it was a day of "first time (fill in the blank)".

The kids had a long morning being held hostage in their rooms (with all the toys, snacks, and obviously parental assistance they needed!) whilst I dealt with "grown up" things like getting internet and tv hooked up. 

It was the first time my front desk space (currently typing at now) was beginning to feel like it just might work for me.

It was the first (of many) mugs of oatmeal w/peanut butter on our table - one that so desperately needs the top refinished!

It was the first picnic lunch/splash park outing of the season- one that we were so kindly invited to just days before.

The first time the kiddos got to sit and watch a show while I did more organizing and tidying.

First thing I dropped and shattered on the tile flooring (which I totally LOVE!). 

First time this little lady got to wear her "splash park clothes" that never got wet...ha!

First frying of potatoes in the skillet.

First day this girl realized she could roll more places than just back and forth. 

As mundane and minimal that these "firsts" may seem to some- to me they are moments I want to remember. For now it tells the story of how we are settling- maybe next year it will tell the story of how much we have progressed. Moving is hard and taking the time to notice the little things is a glimmer of joy in the bittersweet of it all. 

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Week in the Life | Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Tuesday. The day that marked one week in our new house. I said yes to A.M. Bible reading with coffee. Yes to dishes. yes to a healthy breakfast.

Yes to implementing chores again.

Yes to lots of outside time. 

If I were to count the times I say "yes" over "no" the odds would be stacked in "no"'s favor. I realize this isn't a good thing and I am looking for ways to say "yes" more so that the "no"'s seem more important as to why not yes. I don't even know how much sense I am making just rambling it out like this - but over all that was something I looked at as a "theme" in documenting our week. How often do I say "yes"?

Tuesday afternoon looked a lot like list making and a littered laundry room ready to be straightened. 

Then there is this girl, always up for a good cuddle and lots of smiles. 

Tuesday also was filled with more playtime and toy some point we shall figure out a good Lego storage system. 
(tips appreciated)

Laundry loads and dinner prep  have been a bit easier since little Bev started sitting up on her own. Game changer!

Cloudy skies didn't deter us from a post-dinner walk to check out the library (#punintended).

 I am loving noticing the trees, plants, cacti, and birds around here... putting a nature guide for our area on the list.



There is a McDonald's within walking distance from my house. 
(this is for you Katie!!!)


Before bed I had a snack of plain greek yogurt and frozen blueberries and some light reading.