Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dear Fall,

or do you prefer to go by Autumn? You are finally showing yourself around these parts...the pinecones have fallen, and the temperature has dropped a bit.....but we are still fairly green. Did you notice? It seems a bit odd to see rows and clusters of pumpkins sitting in a Summer scene.

Did you also remember that your season brings around the birthdays of my little blessings...they are becoming, well, not so little anymore.
This one can stand to his feet with great strength. He will even take a step or two. He says "Uh-Oh" with great joy when he knocks the sippy cup crashing down. He says"nah -nah" to his Daddy each night before bed.(Sweetness) When you ask him for a hug or kiss he will affectionately rest his head against you. What a lovely little boy he is. He has taught me so many things in his first year of life. The little hat he wears on his head is nuisance to him and would rather feel the cold winds blow his little wisps of light brown hair.  
  And this one, well he is changing much faster than the leaves on the trees. His days are full of delight, disappointments, busyness, new words and configurations of them. He needs lots of hugs, lots of encouragement, lots of instruction, and loads of supervision. He can worship the Lord with all of his being. Singing and dancing are his passions. Just this past Sunday when we had nursery duty during the Church service, this sweet toddler was insistent that we go back because we missed the Singing. Bless his little heart. He is days away from being three, and to me it seems as though he was just 3 days old.
Oh, and I noticed that with your rain and slight cold, you have brought back the marvelous opportunity to use our fire pit. This was one of the reasons we bought our first home. It will be reason for shed tears once we leave. My Man can really build the awesomest of bonfires.... I mean just look at that!

 So here you are, mid-October, gracing us with your beauty that the Lord has given. And here we sit, sharing with one another. Sharing our love, our words, our manners, and hopefully some wonderful comfort food. Tis the season for all things Pumpkin Spice, Soups, and many other tasty treats. We serve a great God to give us seasons, of all four... well, you are my fave. Please stay a little while longer.

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