Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Weekend Lens

Tucked away off a gravel road somewhere in Missouri, is where
WE GAVE THANKS this year. 

Something about being out in the open, away from the busy roads that brings to mind the magnificent power of God. I was reminded of the last words of the hymn,
I Sing the Mighty Power of God,
"...and everywhere that man can be, Thou, God, art present there."
We took in the fresh country air,
you know, the kind of  deep breaths you can feel cleansing your lungs.
Coming here is all kind of Nostalgic for me.
 It was here where I was asked to become the wife of the man I love.
 It is here where, eight years later two blessings travel with us
 as a result of the Lord's grace in our lives.

What a blessing to catch up with family, feast together with thankfulness,
and think about our Lord's goodness.
Traveling can sure be a means for praise, reflection, and especially sanctification.
The Journey home was quite the memory.
Within the first 30 minutes we almost hit two dogs, a big hawk-like bird smashed against our windshield and leaving smears, and the grand finale was a certain toddler strapped in his seat with a case of car-sickness...Oh! Look at the time!
Farewell winding roads of Missouri, I am thankful for your memories.

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