Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Roads More Traveled...

When you say "27 hours" to some, it might seem like an eternity, to others it's just a day- and then some. When you turn 27 hours into 5 nights and 6 days...well, let's just say it involves so many road pictures that might make the cut for a 2015 themed calendar. It also involves raisins being flung back to little children in hopes that they will catch just enough to curb their hunger until the next stop. When we first left town, I was belting out tunes like "Praise to the Lord the Almighty the King of Creation" and "It's a Good Morning...oh oh oh oh oh...whoa oh oh oh oh..."
(you know, the Mandissa one?) and "Hit the Road, Jack...and don't you come back", This of course is a favorite of Brandon's. But by the time day 3 rolled around "I will Survive" and
 "Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross" were much more fitting.
One of my fave things about road trips is all of the food. I loved this casual diner we went to in the dusty town of Dalhart. As people trickled in for a bite, it was "hey Bill" or "how y'all doin'?" It reminded me a lot of going to "the restaurant" with my Grandparents in their small town; self-serve coffee and everything!
And although this might just look like an "out of focus" picture of fries to you, it is actually a special sort of fries you only get when traveling with a super cute 3 year old boy. They're called "Sweetie Fries". To get them, you must ask for a regular order of fries, then let the 3 year old take over with the sugar jar. I write all of this a sort of a "therapy for the worn mommas soul"....because, you know it was not nearly as cute at the time. ;)

 Another great thing about traveling,the "old school" parks. I mean is this merry-go-round not just awesome? I think I liked it more than the kids did...they are more of the swing and slide type.

 Mountains and Snow, Mountains and Snow.
I was in love with all of the spectacular scenery!.
I can't exactly pin point what day this was, all I know is that I was in complete awe of these mountains, but most especially their Creator. Every curve in the road held some new sort of surprise of beauty. It just kept going and going and going....

 Well, thanks for the welcome Montana, we're glad to be here!
State Line People, State Line, & still hours to go...

It has been one week since arriving and certainly the days have been a whirlwind of
 Movers, and boxes, and "do you know where the ___ is?". There have been lots of moments when I just pause to relish the thought of being Mary Poppins, to just snap my fingers and sing like Julie Andrews in effort to have "a place for everything and everything in its place".
 But, that is not reality and I will have to write about all of that later.
A couple of days ago we headed out of town for a "picnic on the mountains" as Brandon said.
 It was such a gorgeous day!

 The GPS "Lady" and my Man battled it out as "she" led us away from the mountains and he took us down some pretty cool backroads. Pretty soon the "picnic on the mountains" turned into "the lunch in the van". Which of course eventually proved to be a very wise decision.

 I just kept thinking, "The Lord is so good to have blessed us with this, just right down the road!"

 Unfortunately the van would take us about 2 miles away from the campgrounds because the leftover snow had shut us down. I think melting snow is a sign of Spring?

We can now say "been there, done that"...sort of. Proof in the picture.

 We had a bit of trouble convincing the littlest of guys that the "picnic in the mountains" just wasn't gonna happen.

Our first "Montana Adventure" proved to be a great one. After all, what's an adventure without a little change in plans?

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  1. You made it!!! Miss you all and hug the boys for us!