Friday, May 9, 2014

Day in the Life

May 8, 2014

6:15 A.M.- Brandon awake saying, "Mom! Mommmmm!" Apparently his blankie wasn't on   
6:40A.M.- In bed w/me: Brandon and Pooh Bear.

 7:05A.M.- Out of bed to start the day. Brandon drinks warm milk.
 7:25A.M. -I drink green tea and read in the Psalms. Currently trying to memorize the 111th.

7:55A.M.- Simon's Up! Hello, Temporary Sleeping Arrangement.

 8:10A.M.- We do the milk and cereal separate in this house.

8:15A.M.-Dressed, Beds made.
8:30A.M.- Laundry...this is the job that never ends, and it goes on and on my friends. Now I have
                       got you singin' it not knowing what I've done and you'll continue singin' it forever just
                       because... :)
8:35A.M.- Book Time for Boys.
9:00A.M.- Smoothie time. Green is the way to go.
 10:12A.M. -Library Run, Return books, grab a few more and a movie for me.
 11:20A.M.- Back at the house. Lunch prep.
11:45A.M.- Happy mail from a dear friend, and Skype too!

1:00P.M.- Nap Time for the Boys.
2:00P.M.- Watched a bit of educational television, regarding cutting back on SUGAR.
2:25P.M.-Moved on to basket making. This is tedious work. Blessed to have sweet   
                        phone call while I snipped.
4:18P.M.- Brandon up from his nap.
4:47P.M.-Time for a hair cut, complete with ipad entertainment and lots of encouragement.

6:00P.M.- Took the boys to the BX to get Brandon's "hair cut reward".
 7:00P.M.- Late dinner. Hot dogs, green beans, and chocolate bread. Well rounded if I do say so
 8:00P.M.ish- Baths, milk, stuffed animal shenanigans, vitamins, potty, bedtime(for the Boys).
9:00P.M.- Dishes & List making,
9:30P.M.- Shower! Hallelujah!
10:00P.M.- Caramel Chamomile Tea Time.
11:00P.M.- You Tube Videos (Photography, Blendtec,and Duggars)
MIDNIGHT- Hard time sleeping with the husband gone. This is gonna take some getting used to.


  1. Visiting from Ali Edwards' blog, thanks for sharing your day! I love the time with coffee and The Word in the morning :)

  2. Visiting from Ali's blog too. Love your star top and hear you on the laundry front. Boys are messy!