Thursday, May 22, 2014


 Just when I thought, "it must never get warm here." and "I wonder when the next snow will be?", The sun got a little closer and the trees started to bloom...Attracting bees with their nectar,
and this "so ready for SUMMER!!!" gal with her camera.
 While the season is slowly changing around here, so are these two boys.
One at 3.5 years and the other a grand 18 months.
They are growing faster than I can keep up, both saying the best phrases and words.
This 3.5 year old guy, our Brandon, is super creative... Always coming up with a new way to make you laugh, think deeper, or prompt you to teach him the right way to do or say something.

 Right now he is saying things like:
  • "chacker cracks" for Cracker Jacks
  • "voody" for Woody from Toy Story
  • "Lunch Bob" for Sponge Bob
When I tell him "you are sooooo big!"his response is usually something like
  • "yeah, like a giraffe, or a dinosaur!"
  • "I got the Hickok's" for Hiccups (I hope he never says them right...)
  • "U-U-Pess" for UPS, and "UUS" for GPS
  • "Hear Me Louder" for "can you say it a bit louder?"
He speaks with such innocence and extreme hilarity that I almost have a worn spot just from biting my tongue in effort not to laugh...because he is serious and I certainly don't want to offend.

 This little guy, recently hit the 18 month milestone. He has a hard time taking "no" for an answer, feelings are a new discovery and they get "hurt" quite regularly. Our Simon is such a sensitive guy, which if you ask me, means he has a tender heart. Weaknesses to Strengths.
Things he is saying right now:
  • "ah-goon" -all done
  • "doo-dat, doo-dat" - Do that. This typically is a phrase that comes up in brotherly mischief.
  • "eeeeeeet" this is a simple one, Eat.
  • If I ask him "are you excited?" he usually shrieks, (with excitement, of course).
  • "na-oh, nah-oh, naaahhhh-oooo!" This is an imitation of Mommy's words, "no,no,no".
  • He has mastered the words "me" and "mine". Those are prerequisites for surviving the human race...or an older brother.
  • You can hear lots of laughter coming from him on a regular basis and he also loves a good game of "peek-a-boo" or "peep-eye", depending on where you are from.
  • Animal sounds are great fun to imitate for this little munchkin but when he's not in the mood for that, he would like his
  • "bee", the name he gave his pacifier.
  • "nunnel" for the tunnel at the park, or the one that goes with their train set.

These boys sure do love each other, they love to play together, get in trouble together, and yes...

 they "get into it" together. It isn't always smiles and sneakiness for them. "What causes fights and quarrels among [them]?" oh....  the blessed truth that follows, "but He gives us more grace."
James 4:1,6
 Gives us grace to remove the barrier, to restore the broken fellowship.
 One is leading, and the other follows quickly afterwards.
 There are lots of things blooming around here as the seasons change, some more pleasant than others.  I love watching these two grow together, saying new things,
and all the while it is for His purpose, and His glory.
What a humbling privilege we have been given to shepherd these little souls towards Christ-likeness.


  1. That is so weird! When I get the hiccups I say, "I got the Brandons."

    Miss you guys and those little faces. Much love!
    Oh...and your photos are soooo lovely.

    1. the best part is when he says "I don wan the Hickok's, I say...but I do!