Saturday, June 28, 2014

In our Neck of the Woods...

Mission: Exploration. Outcome: Adventure.
Location # 1: Tower Rock State Park
 Although the pictures make it seem a remote location, do not be is right off the interstate. We brought a pizza, saw some helicopter action, and hiked a strenuous 1/4 a mile.
Keep driving in the area and you'll find great spots on the river
 to pull out your fishing pole and hang out for a while. 
Yup. That's a big one. 

Location # 2: Ryan Dam/Ryan Island Park
 If you come visit, we will bring you here.
 It's just the perfect location to enjoy cupcakes, run wild, and spread a quilt for napping. Oh yeah. 


  1. Amazing landscapes... And my kids will LOVE the kraft-roll thing to look into, thanks for the idea!

    1. Yes...such a fun craft for them to do...toilet paper tube, washi tape and string!
      And we are really enjoying the scenery around here!