Sunday, June 8, 2014

Snapshots for your Sunday

Farm Machinery... So very Photogenic.

Taquitos. Creamy ones. Cheesy ones. Freezable ones. A friend gave me this recipe and we love it. I think I might make them a little bigger than what is suggested, but it is all about preference.

Pretty much the favorite plastic objects around this place. Tractors, or "doot-doots".

It has taken me almost 9 years to find a brownie that makes everyone around here happy.
A cup of coffee just makes these perfecto. 

 Indoor Plant Life. We are trying to keep these alive since my "thumb" is oh. so. black.

 Letter Recognition with the biggest of the little guys.

To do lists....helpful and never ending.
Blueberry- Lemon Tea... my current fave in the "tea world".
.That's it for now, just a few shots of life around here. 


  1. Love this Carol! Would love to sit an sip some tea with you and hear all about how things are in Big Sky Country.

    1. Yes! tea would be lovely, we could prob go through a couple of cups just catching up! Miss you so much. thanks again for the handy notebook!