Friday, August 8, 2014

Around here...Kitchen edition

 Lately I have been spending time in here making coffee, cajeta, messes, lists, cleaning supplies, you name it, I even made some doughnuts.
 Awesome factors about this space: #1 It has a gas cook top!!!!!!
Lots of exclamation points because I learned to cook on a gas stove, and as a young bride I was challenged with the electric type... coils and glass top; lots of getting used to... (I digress.)
Awesome factor #2 I took the cabinet doors off. Yes I did. (Well, if we're getting technical the Husband did, and I supported him all 5 glorious minutes of it!)
Awesome Factor #3 I get to make food to nourish my family and friends right in this space. Pretty cool, huh? And while we are battling some possible allergies (eczema related), I am thankful for all God is doing in our lives.
Awesome factor # 4 I make coffee in this space. I am not sure about the nutritional facts of the coffee I am consuming, because it's just so good that I'm scared to look into it.

Lately, I have been drinking a  Salted Cajeta Latte.
Ingredients: Milk (skim or 2%), Sea Salt, Cinnamon, splash of vanilla, and of course, Espresso.

Coffee break was so refreshing the other day that we pulled out paints and had a blast. Every Southern girl needs a pineapple in her kitchen.
 So, as you can all imagine, 'twas a sad day when I ran out of my store bought cajeta. Sad. Sad. Day.
 So you know what I did? I made some!
 For all of you still in the dark about Cajeta, first of all I want to apologize for not sharing with you. Secondly- It's time to find the light! Cajeta is Caramel made from goat's milk. This is not yo' mama's caramel (unless your names are Brandon and Simon).
  I ended up using canned goat's milk, but hey, if you have some milking goats running around your place- that's awesome! Making this was so easy, a bit time consuming, and totally worth every stir. Here's where I got my RECETA...

 As for other news, The Husband is faithfully taking care of us.
 Simon is enjoying life in diapers, as well as frequent possession of all things forbidden.
 Brandon is as clever as ever, enjoying taking pictures, trains,planes, and automobiles,
 playing outdoors, and attaching absurd amounts of dirt to his body.


  1. Wow Carol! What a great post! I wish, oh wish, oh wish I liked coffee right now, your latte looked amazing!!! I am now officially mad at you for never making some of that goodness when I wasn't pregnant!!!!! Great idea taking off the cabinet doors, makes a big difference! Love ya, girl!!

  2. Such a bright and gorgeous kitchen. Just love all of the photos! I don't drink coffee but your photos sure made it look yummy! I bet it smelled awesome too. :)