Sunday, September 21, 2014

This & That

THIS is me. "Selfies" aren't my usual style, as I would much rather snap photos of my kids, my Husband, a cup of coffee, a plate of tacos, mushrooms in the forest of Glacier National Park, etc.
 Despite all of this, I stepped in front of the lens. THIS  is where I am right now...
THIS is a 28 year old woman, striving to please the Lord and making buckets full of mistakes along the way. THAT means I fight against pride and pray for humility.THIS is a Wife learning to be kind. THIS is a Mother learning to be patient. THIS is a Friend trying to build relationships.
 THAT means I breathe in deep breaths and lean on Him, My Savior.  THAT means I struggle with lonliness and pray for companionship-deeper and truer- with my Savior.
 THIS is a far-from-perfect woman and THAT is evidence of His amazing grace and relevance in my life. THAT is proof of the good work He began in my life and THAT He will faithfully complete.
THIS is a suitcase, all packed up and ready to go. THIS means Joe is getting ready to post and THAT brings me anxiety. THIS means he will be gone for a few days and THAT means I'm praying constantly for help from the Lord. THAT means I make simple meals, and follow simple routines.  THIS is temporary. . . THIS is a season the Lord has ordained for our lives-right here, right now and THAT compells me to be thankful. IN ALL THINGS-GIVE THANKS.
 THIS is Joe & Simon...Father+Son.. and THAT way Simon is holding on... it shows his need for protection and love. THIS photo shows their relationship right now. As he grows, so will his needs, and THAT means we'll take advantage of these years because surely, they are few. THIS is one of those moments I don't want to forget because it won't last forever. THIS captures dependence and trust and THAT is a good thing to cultivate.

 THIS is tortilla making in the Chastain household and THAT means a lot of love goes into our tacos. THIS is a chance to create, and THAT gives opportunity to connect. Many hands make light work...and in THIS case, yummy tortillas. THAT cast iron press right there... it's being operated by a Pro (they learn real quick). THIS is a ritual I want to cultivate in our home. THIS is something I look to the future and smile about, imagining a mini tortilla factory with many fun taco nights...or enchiladas...or taquitos...or quesadillas..sopapillas...and THAT is the most complicated part of tortilla making- deciding how to use them.
THIS is the time I was able to visit with a dear friend currently living over 2,000 miles away. THIS  was a quick time of fellowship and THAT is better than no time at all. THIS is sugar overload in form of multiple cinnamon rolls and THAT turned out to be crazy and wonderful all at once. THIS was about making it work with a combined 5 kiddos (three of which are boys, all under 3 years old) and THAT begets loads of mommy encouragement-we are in it together no matter the distance. THIS is a friendship I'm blessed to have and THAT means I don't take it for granted. .
THIS is the start of something new and THAT is exciting! Not only for me( as the Mommy/teacher/planner) but for the boys too. THIS is about creating structure and THAT is helpful in getting me organized and a bit more disciplined. THIS is about learning + playing and THAT is teaching me balance. THIS is about filling our days with books+ playdough+ themes and THAT is making me even more grateful for Pinterest. True statement.
"THIS is my commandment THAT you love one another...THAT your joy may be full."
 John 15:11-12