Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Currently, Joe is home for a whole week! What!?!!! We are pretty excited about this. Biscuits and Gravy are on the menu, Fishing is on the agenda, a date with him is in my future
(Again, What!?!!!)....Who knows? The grill might even get fired up.
Currently, the seasons are changing (Hello October!), and with this change we have lived cloudy, dreary, and rainy days. Brandon & Simon have tested out their rain boots, and what do you know?, SUCCESS. Those kiddos would spend hours out in the water if I let them... But you know, they might catch a cold.

Currently, laundry that I folded on Saturday night (or to be more dramatic,
laundry I folded in September), has not moved from that table-  it waits to be put away.
 Instead, I find myself choosing outfits and jammies from the folded stacks.
Just keeping it real here.

Currently, I have every intention of giving the Playroom a "proper" photo shoot- But, how do I say this... The children's play things are rebelling. They demand chaos and cluttered carpets with great gusto. Despite all of this, I am documenting their defiance and accepting the fact that at the end of the day when all are in their assigned bin and sorted on shelves, the will jump out with joy when morning dawns. I mean- just look at how happy Mr. Piggy is!

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