Friday, October 31, 2014

Week in the Life-Thursday

The day began with snuggle-rs and squirmers in my bed.  Heading downstairs shortly followed.
Carrot Spice Muffins leftover from Monday. Yay for easy!
 Because we were gone most of the day on Wednesday, and I went to bed with the boys...
the state of the ENTIRE house was less than tidy. Keepin' it Real.
The boys had book time while I drank a Chai Tea Latte. Changing it up a bit.
Around here we're still enjoying party decorations for our birthday boys.
Today was "wash the linens" day...the boys saw this as opportunity to practice thier jumping skills. This photo shows a wall that waits for the rest of the maps to join the club. It shows that I have other priorities right now. I think it will just have to wait until 2015. I don't think the boys mind at all.
So, he is almost two, and those curls....I cannot bring myself to cut them.
ah, yes. Piles of laundry. I am photographing this sort of thing a lot this week. It is the chore that never ends, one I struggle to keep up with, a chore that produces endurance in me. Seriously.
 Mid-Morning Snack. Garlic Buttered Popcorn- It's cheap, easy, and we all love it.
A  little while of tower building. Sometimes these blocks get played with for many minutes, other times I wonder if I should keep them at all.
SO- I struggled to get these remaining dishes washed all morning. This is the "pretty" picture. They did get washed and put away eventually.
Make-Up Essentials...a hodge podge of brands.
Back in a shopping cart today for a quick purchase. I'm thankful this store is only 5 minutes away. These kids are troopers. Brandon's shoe came off while we were walking through the parking lot. Just a minor glitch.

Yes, I realize I may have purchased five thousand calories. There might have been a longer wait than I would have liked. There might have been an order mix up. But you know what? That's life. I am not entitled to perfection. Fast food isn't always fast, and that's okay.
 He's lovin' it.
 Quick visit with this guy. I love him. I love us. I miss him.
 Good night Montana Sky.


  1. Wow, Carol! I have loved this series this week. I can see your photography getting better and better! You have a real eye for capturing moments. Miss you!

    1. Awe Lydia...I miss you too! Made your bread today and was praying for y'all. Thanks for the sweet compliment!