Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week in the Life-Tuesday

And so begins a new day....
 My coffee was a tad more foamy than yesterday.
 Carrot Spice Muffins left me with this disaster....I am not a tidy baker.
Light Streaming in.
 Preschool consisted of coloring, reading new books, painting, and lots of patience being tested.
 Lighting a candle always makes everything seem cozy, and this one smells like candied pecans.
Mac 'n Peas. This lunch makes everyone happy. I will confess that I drank a Diet Coke with this was wonderful and terrible at the same time.

After a run or two around the house, and a healthy snack the little guy went down for a nap and the bigger one got to watch "There goes a Garbage Truck". Meanwhile, I found an enormous spider, took a picture of it (I'll spare you, but it.was. HUGE), and then proceeded to smash it. I am still recovering.
 This spot in the house needs a cushion, some new blinds, and many afternoons of hot tea and a lovely book.
 This bath is in great need of decoration, but since I can't make up my mind, soap and a crumpled towel add pizazz. In this room today, I heard lots of laughter and high pitched screams. The boys discovered the echo. Maybe I will let it be a blank canvas just a little while longer.
The Aloe Vera is growing. In all my blackest of black thumb life, I have plants that are growing.
 I didn't get everything accomplished on my "to-do list", but isn't that always the case? We ended the day early with intention to rest fully. An hour into that intention there were water requests and lots of battling to keep them in their beds.

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  1. That little blur of a kid! I love it. And I love your story of the empty bathroom.