Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week in the Life- Wednesday

 Wednesday brought  an early wake up time and an out of the ordinary routine for all. I had set my alarm with the intention of waking at 5am, but as the wonderful "snooze button" allowed, I didn't actually get up until thirty minutes later.  I went downstairs and was greeted by this pile of laundry....
So I folded it while the water in the espresso machine heated up...and there was no picture of the coffee, because I needed it too much to pause and take a picture . I was praying for strength, and as I read Psalm 19, I was convicted that I have been too dependent on my own feeble strength. "His Law is Perfect....It refreshes.... It is trustworthy.... His Word is Right.... Rejoicing the heart." (Verses 7-8)
 Those moments of quiet were just what I needed for the day ahead. 
Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal for Breakfast
 Glorious Morning Sky.
These handy packaged treats are my go-to with the kiddos...they love them!
 This is where we check the mail...and then hold tight to it so it doesn't blow away.
By noon it was time to head out of the house and Go. Non. Stop.
 I was so glad I had 50 cents in my wallet to treat the boys to this...It was totally worth it for both of them....and for me, considering that we walked away from there with no major meltdowns.
 Dollar Tree and Wally World....the boys love these musical things.
If you are familiar with Chicago being called the "Windy City"...Watch Out...Our town could compete for that title. It is crazy how strong the wind is here.
The Van Selfie.
After being out and about for a couple of hours, we headed to a fall festival for the afternoon. These are the best cowboys I know. They were expert cookie decoration eaters.
So a bit of a sad observation from Wednesday, some of the trees have lost their leaves. 
 A quick trip to the store to grab some teething medication for the little cowboy...they were out so we checked out the toy aisle, naturally.
 Dinner was the simplest of feasts: Chicken Sausage and Cheese cubes.
Somewhere in the early evening I felt the on-comings of a migraine and I was useless. The bathtub remained empty, the boys went to bed, and this worn out Momma quickly followed. Hello 8 o'clock bedtime. Goodnight Wednesday.

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