Saturday, November 1, 2014

Week in the Life- Friday

 Back to drinking coffee today. This is  a whole bean variety that I really like for espresso and as an added bonus it's locally roasted. .
 Somehow this is the new dish for the cheerios. Whatever works.
 The preschool craft of the day was painting pumpkins. We did this a couple weeks back with some friends and had a few extras I was saving to paint for later. Lots of fun, lots of mess. The older guy sort of "refused" to put his smock on, but in the end he complied and participated in the festivities!
Work of art. I totally love pumpkins. Painted, or not. Edible or not. In Coffee or not. Pumpkin rocks.
 First course for lunch is served.
After lunch I headed upstairs to find my bed unmade and other things out of place. The story behind this quilt is...  I was driving home from work (years ago) and saw this hanging up at a yard sale. It was just the top, but I wanted it...all hand stitched, all different colors and patterns. Fast forward 3 years, I finally added a flat sheet to the back to make a lighter weight spread. When Simon was born this was on our bed his first few months of life. I have plans and many a "pin" on Pinterest to make my own quilt one day.... another thing to add to the 2015 list?
 Before nap time we went on a walk/bike/car adventure. Fall is coming to an end.
 But oh! What perfect weather we had!

I collected some souvenirs. You really can't have too many of these beauties.
 There was some bread baking yesterday too. I had frozen my dough and it didn't rise as much as I wanted, but it is still the yummiest stuff. I got this recipe from a friend who taught me how to make it. You can check her recipe out here. 
After feasting on some slices of bread, we read a few stories.
 The rest of the afternoon consisted of battling with the almost 2 year old (who shall remain nameless) to Stay. In. His. Bed. And then off to Trick-or-Treating we went. The boys got to meet Buzz Lightyear....totally worth it.
Afterwards, we went to our church for a Reformation Day celebration. If you are curious as to what Reformation Day is, you can read about it here. 
There were games, crafts, yummy food, a skit, and you guessed it-Candy.
This was pretty much the last of pictures that I took for the day. We were all worn out and ready to sleep. One of the things that I noticed about my photos is that most of them were looking down. Just an observation.

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