Saturday, November 1, 2014

Week in the Life-Saturday

 This is our bed. A bed that doesn't always get made. A bed that is begging for some fun throw pillows. This will eventually happen, and if it doesn't, you know what? I'm okay with that.
 I decided to drink my latte with a saucer today. I like to be fancy sometimes.
 This is where the blogging happens most of the time.
 Cleaning happened here today. Lots of cheerio debris and other unidentified particles.
The man of the house arrived!!! Can I get a woot! woot! ?
And....he brought me these. They are all gone now, but I made sure to space them out over 3 minutes.
Probably the darkest green smoothie I have made in a while, 
but it did taste like pineapple and coconut. I drank this while catching up on my daily sheets for this Week in the Life project.
They think I'm paparazzi. I think they are cute.
We hung up a lovely stained glass Brandon made yesterday at the Reformation Festival.
 And while this may seem like a pile of lovely stuffed animals minding their own business, they actually were recovering from Brandon's "hunting practice" with his toy gun. Just so you know.
After nap time a hair cut happened for this almost two year old. He he found no pleasantries in the experience...That face.
 Something I know about myself, but document anyways, is that I drink lots of hot beverages. Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Apple Cider (if you know of others, please tell!)
This was a Orange and Spice Herbal Blend.
 Dinner was roast chicken, pasta, and salad.
 After dinner, cleanup, and baths, all the boys went down to the basement for a bit of Super Mario. 
 I headed out for some dish soap and a last minute birthday gift for Simon. 
I ended up getting a toy smartphone (don't tell him).
November is here and I was feeling it for sure. Complete opposite of yesterday.
 Cold and rainy. Chilled to the bone. I took this shot of the van window under a light in the parking lot. Hello cold, I don't think I'm ready for you.

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