Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy New Year! .... (and other ramblings)

This year I decided that instead of "resolutions" I would make goals. Big ones. Small ones. Serious ones. Ridiculous ones. Goals that motivate and encourage me to live a fuller life. One particular thing I did was choose a word. One Word. This is something a lot of people do each year as a way to focus and center their life/year around.
 The word I chose for 2015 is Delight.
 I am basing my word on Psalm 37:4 which says,
"Delight yourself in the Lord and
He will give you the desires of your heart."
The main reason for choosing this particular word was a reflection on 2014. How did I live? How did I respond? How did I think? How did I act? What were my struggles? My failures? My triumphs? As a Christian, Wife, Momma, Friend, Customer in Target....

What attitude was I displaying?
If I were to be completely honest, My life over the past year did not reflect the word "Delight".
 Sure, there were times I was joyful, circumstantially happy, and displayed a pleasant attitude.

 But as a whole? - Not. So. Much.

 There are certainly big/huge/enormous factors that I could name to "excuse" my melancholy demeanor. For example, at the beginning of the year our house was on the market....(stressful). Later we sold our house... (Thankful) and moved temporarily into a manufactered home. When Spring came around we drove 1800 miles away from life as we knew it to a new State, Climate, (dare I say, Culture?), Home, Job, and Church.
By Summer, we were somewhat "settled" and having lots of adventures exploring Glacier National Park and having picnics on nearby mountains. Summer even brought a quick, but refreshing visit from my parents.
By Fall, we were in the swing of things, anticipating the holiday season, enjoying the beautiful colors of changing leaves. Through that season I was dealing with a lot of things. Mistakes I made, Anxiety for the upcoming Winter Season. Struggling to make friends. Trying not to say the word "depressing". At some point I realized what my problem sin was...

 Self Pity.

A form of Pride. And not just Self Pity, but
Indulgence in Self Pity.

Instead of choosing to delight in the Lord, I was choosing to let my circumstances guide the way I was"feeling" about life.

Right around the beginning of November I decided that I needed to choose a word and aspire to live that word out. Once I chose my word, the verse quickly followed.  2014 Brought many lessons, some learned - others I am still learning. And although it is very tempting at this point for my verse to be Song of Solomon 2:11a ( "For Lo, Winter is Past.") I am sticking to Psalm 37:4 and will continue to seek the Scriptures for instructions.
>  Delight. First in the Lord. In His goodness. His Mercy. His Love.
 His Faithfulness. His Grace.
His Blessings. His Word. <

I am not looking to have a "happy" new year, but a Delight-Full one.

--------Wishing you the same in 2015--------



  1. That's beautiful. I find you to be an inspiring person and really like your blog and writing. Best wishes to you with your word and in this year. Michelle t

    1. Thank you for your kind words Michelle, I am blessed.

  2. Years ago, Corrie Ten Boom wrote, “Look around, you’ll be distressed. Look within, you’ll be depressed. Look to the Lord, you’ll be at rest.” Love your word ...blessings to you all! 💜
    Psalm 149:4

    1. I love this quote! Thank you for sharing!