Saturday, August 15, 2015

Nursery and Name Reveal

 We are three weeks away from the "due date" of this little girl ( 3 WEEKS!!!). I feel as if this pregnancy has moved much faster than previous ones. Part of that is due to the fact that my hands are already full of good things- Husband, 2 growing boys, moving to a new house, and traveling.  I finally put the final touches on the nursery and although I'm sure things will change and other things might be added later, for now the room is done (with the exception of diapers....on the shopping list!).
 Meet Lady Flamingo. She doesn't have an official name yet but she was one of the beginning purchases for baby girl. A pineapple pillow was tough competition, but in the end Lady Flamingo won. Pineapples still might be in our future.
 The chenille throw is so soft and comfy, not to mention it is covering a multitude of sins!
 Too many "Make your own dream catcher" and "DIY doily dream catcher"  pins on Pinterest later, the above is what I came up with. I will eventually get around to taking the price tag off of that hoop.
 Totally can't wait to clip up some lovely photos later....for now, bits and pieces from my crafty stash will do.
 Obligatory "above the cradle" shot.
 Non-obligatory on the floor "rag rug" shot. (You're Welcome.)
 Love these miniature plush animals. Perfect for telling the story of Noah's ark and teaching animal sounds. My elephant sound is the best in case you are wondering.
 Mint knobs. Because who doesn't love mint?
 Changing table staples: Bows, a brass bowl (full of paper flowers to make a floral crown), thrifted lamp with DIY shade, books, and of course the name sign...
Selah Josephine

And finally, The quilt that brings it all together. A few things you should know about this:
1- I sew mostly on paper.
2- Choosing fabric on the internet was a daunting task. There were so many incredible options and I took months deciding. MONTHS.
3- It is not a perfect quilt, but made with much love and a few frustrated seam rips.
4- I made friends with fabric again.
5- I ended up using the scraps from the fabrics to make a miniature doll quilt for one day in the future.

We are so looking forward to meeting her!!! I don't really know how the dynamic of our family will change/not change with this new addition. One thing I do know is that she is a gift and a blessing from the Lord. A child that I truly prayed for and continue to do so.


  1. Oh so pretty and sweet! And of course, I LOVE the name! Can't wait to meet your sweet girl.

    1. Me too!!! I love the name! A really lovely nursery, Carol. So excited to see your little lady!

  2. Awwww what a sweet post! I seriously need to get serious about documenting our family happenings. You inspire me. Two boys and a little girl is the most precious combo ever. She will be so loved. Her nursery and quilt are so very adorable and clearly full of love. I love love love her name! What will you call her? Josephine is at the top of my girl list. In fact our Clara was ALMOST named Josephine! Congratulations Carol! I can't wait to see pictures! Oh and by the way your life and family are definitely about to change, but for the better...much much better!

    1. oh thanks so much Meredith! You totally should document what goes on in your fam! I know the more that I do it, the more motivating it is to keep on doing it! I Love the name Clara too!!! I think we will call her Selah Josephine at first, and then maybe shorten it to Selah Jo (gotta give her some Southern roots some where right!!??)