Monday, August 17, 2015

Week in the Life 2015 | Monday

Once again I am participating in Week in the Life- taking photos, writing words, and reflecting on our days in a more concentrated way than normal. Last year I documented our week, along with many many other memory keepers around the globe, during the last week of October. It was a lot of extra photo taking and journaling but in the end I am so. so. so glad I did it.
This morning I pulled out the "big camera" and started snapping away. I also took a few shots with my iPhone, an option I didn't have last year. If you are curious about this project you can check it out here. I took just under 80 photos today and not all of them were keepers for sure. Hoping to share the highlights of our days throughout the week with you all and hopefully inspire you to pick up the camera and start clicking away in your own lives.
Coffee. This photo probably doesn't need much explanation since most are familiar with the hot liquid that keeps us all going- or at least gets us going. But I should mention that this particular morning was the first pot of coffee brewed from this particular maker. After years of using a tiny 5 cup, we have upgraded to a 12 cup. This doesn't mean I won't be making my lattes or cappuccinos, just that I am taking a break from that sort of fanciness in my life and enjoying coffee that is ready for me when I get up-thanks to the handsome fellow who always makes it!
Good morning boys!!! I love their sleepy eyes when they wake up...and that doggie there- has been a treasured fave for a while by Mr. Simon. He comes downstairs in the morning holding it just like that.
Part of the morning routine is a diaper change. It's been a long while since we have had 2 in diapers, but that is all about to change in just a few short weeks. Coupons anyone?
Morning chores.
 Getting dressed. Brandon does it all by himself. He has even mastered most buttons. Simon wants to do it all by himself, and gets frustrated when he can't.
Lunch Prep/Freezer meal. I am pulling double duty these days trying to prepare meals for future months when I might not have as much extra time on my hands. Lunch Menu: Gumbo for adults, Mac n Cheese for boys.
"Mom, can we do a bird craft?" -Brandon
It was fun, messy and a bit frustrating for Simon since he kept saying "stick! stick!" to the bits of construction paper. We are learning patience (both toddler and Momma). Brandon kept requesting more feathers, and was quite put out when I made eyeballs out of construction paper...time to stock the googly eye inventory!
Happy Birthday Mom!!! (It's technically my birthday week, so I am not correcting them and basking in the extra attention).
Lunch break and a quick catching up with my Man, aka Daddy.
  Catching Simon playing the piano and singing "Bless the Lord, Oh my Soul...oH oh oh my Soul..." is a common occurrence around here. My hope is to keep music alive in our house and of course give all the Glory to God through it.
Happy Mail!!! New Mattress for the adults and car seat for the wee one. Getting real.
Afternoon tea, to accompany nap time which included some computer work, clearing off that horrendous pile of papers and etc. on my desk...
Which did not get completely accomplished because there was another little productive person making quite the mess during nap time. And I quote, " MOM! Der is baby powdah everywhere!" No kidding Simon, no kidding."
The big "upset" of the whole ordeal was that his doggie was "messed up". 
....And Cue the time out while Mom vacuums a million scented particles. I was so. so. so thankful for my vacuum cleaner during those 15 minutes.
Breaking in the new mattress.
We did dinner out and then a bit of shopping for new bedding and other necessities. 
Back home for the nightly routines. I am so grateful for a husband who takes time with our boys. He bathes them 99.9% of the time and reads to them from a book and then a Bible Story each night. He is such a loving, patient, and gentle Daddy to them.
Chores. Right now I am nesting like crazy and feel the need to have laundry done, dishes done, floors done....etc,etc. Not knowing when I will go into labor is the major motivation for this. Around here, the boys are also taking on various duties and doing a great job. Really the hardest part of that is remembering to help them get those tasks accomplished.
Ending the day with tired, swollen feet and a thankful heart.


  1. Beautiful, sweet friend. Your little lady is gonna rock that boat, and it is gonna be a mighty crazy, fun ride!

  2. Such lovely pics documenting a clearly lovely life xx

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  4. You got so many great details documented! Love the photo of your littlest boy holding the flower out to you sort of framed by the open doorway.

  5. What a great snapshot of your day! How exciting to have a new little one on the way!

  6. This is so wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are amazing! I love all your pics and hearing about your day!! You made me cry with the part about your little boy singing at the piano. Hugs!

    1. Thanks Tracie! I am so glad to be doing this project and glad you jumped on board too!!!!

  7. This is so wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are amazing! I love all your pics and hearing about your day!! You made me cry with the part about your little boy singing at the piano. Hugs!

  8. I adore the picture of the short little legs dangling from the stool!!!

  9. Love always. :) See you soon!

  10. What great photos of your day! I need to do this!