Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week in the Life 2015 | Saturday

Saturday I pulled the camera out and found myself taking shots of
a post-birthday breakfast (sort of like a post-workout, just more sugar).
crumbs on the dining floor,
dirty dishes,
laundry piles,
shoes strewn about,
alphabet letters all crooked to greet me as I start some laundry,
eager fingers peeling off cupcake liners,
a glass full of kefir, swirled with a bit of orange juice to make it more tolerable,
freezer meal supplies,
a very pregnant self, finally getting to those dishes,

a bag full of fall,
readers and tv watchers,
snowpants, barefeet, and a round of putt putt,
lack of space in freezer,
a mini van quickly filling up,
and ironing of clothes for church the next morning.
Saturday was full of good things, a good, messy, beautiful life.

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