Monday, August 24, 2015

Week in the Life 2015 | Sunday

Sunday. A lot less photos were taken today. Part of this was because I was ready to be done with this documenting project. The other part is that I had a rough day-rough, rough day.
 On the way to church, I drove with coconut oil in my eye because it was so blood shot from a terrible night of sleep-or lack thereof. Hello week 38 of pregnancy.
 Coffee was guzzled, makeup was waiting for its 3 minute application in the parking lot of church. I made it through Sunday School but was feeling so bad that I went home afterwards. Joe and Brandon stayed-Simon came with me.
 I did a quick change into pjs and slippers, then Simon and I hung out on the couch looking at books
 and treasures.
 At one point there was a bit of a baby powder incident and we cleaned that up.

Joe and Brandon came home from church, we ate lunch then fort building commenced and Joe went to play tennis.
I read a few library books to the boys and decided that no matter how rough I was feeling (and looking) it was still important for me to capture this very real moment.
The living room needed to be vacuumed, but it wasn't until a plant was knocked over accidentally, that I actually did the chore.
Impromptu family selfie in the Backyard to close out the week. Simon was still in church clothes, Brandon and I were in PJs and Joe was in workout attire. The kids were promised candy corn if they participated cheerfully in this photo session. They were of course rewarded generously. 
I am so, so, so glad that I took the time to document these past seven days. I am also a bit disappointed with how crummy I felt the last day. But you know what? That is real life. It isn't always perfect and I just have to embrace that. Thanks for joining me as I shared photos and words from our days. 

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