Friday, August 21, 2015

Week in the Life 2015 | Thursday

 7AM. I am up and decide to make blueberry muffins. I forget to use the whole wheat flour and decide not to add the crumb topping.
Coffee happens as usual. I pop the muffins in the oven, then sit down to write Wednesday's post.
The kids wake up, they watch some Curious George and Daniel Tiger while waiting on the muffins.
I read some from a book, along with Bible verses trying catching up for our Ladies' book study later this morning.
Brandon asks if they can play their harmonicas and Simon ends up being attatched to his all day. These are on the quieter side of noise makers we own.
I take a quick peek into baby girl land and notice lots of fun patterns. Stripes and florals, dots and bows, and a hint of animal print. Every girl needs that right?

We pull out the road mat to drive cars on, a gift from my Grandma, thier GIGI. I always get so sentimental looking at this because it has photos of places we used to live/go in Louisiana. Our first home, Chick-Fil-A (Chick-fil-a!!!!!), the library, hospital where the boys were born, our church building we met in,.....alright I can't type anymore...throat is tightening and tears are welling up.
We headed to the study, the boys play with friends, I fellowship with mine and am thankful for them. On the way home we stop at a long light. I notice rusted railings and an oh so smoky sky. The area has been under an "air quality alert"  for a couple of days.
I drink tea with my lunch, which is leftover lasagna and salad.
Naps are attempted again, this time only the boys sleep and Brandon has the whole king size bed to himself.
I stay busy in my crafty space, tidying up and decorating a bit with some lovely happy mail. The whale with mouth agape is actually a 25cent wooden tape dispenser I found at our local thrift store. He doesn't have a name yet, but I like to put some black washi tape with a mint colored pattern inside.
Naps and tidying are over, and dinner begins. Joe decides to grill hot dogs and bacon wrapped, cream cheese filled jalapenos. We of course made dinner even healthier by adding some BBQ kettle chips. YUM.
I notice the green grass, and think about how in just a few short months it will be snow covered. Hey there 37 week baby bump!
After dinner I remind Brandon to wash the table and he does. Sometimes he climbs on the table top to do a really thorough job. I don't complain-clean is clean no matter how it gets done.
Movement and giggles. Lots of both.
The boys wrestle and practice thier bow hunting skills while watching a YouTube video with their Daddy.
 I go upstairs and vacuum some rooms. The fragrance of baby powder still lingers in my Dyson.
 We all get ready for bed, I empty my glass of orange juice and take the last iron pill. Time to get a refill.
Thursday is done.

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