Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week in the Life 2015 | Tuesday

Things I notice as I get up: I am not as tired as I usually am. I think staying up later to get in quality hours of sleep vs. going to bed early and dealing with a night of uncomfortable tossing and turning is working for me. Walking in the kitchen I see a bottle of antacids left on the counter from a middle of the night heartburn emergency. Hello Coffee.
The kids come down a bit early as I am drinking my coffee, but graciously go back to their rooms for quiet time. “It's too early” I say.
 I read from Proverbs chapter 18, reading verse 10 more than once. "The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous runs into it and is safe."
Ah, yes, the classic "washing her face" selfie. I wash my face with coconut oil most days, and implement other naturally sourced ingredients in my skin care routine. While this may seem boring to some, this is part of my story. The part that involves skin cancer. The part that involves surgery. It is something I think about almost every day. Something that I fear returning and pray for strength to trust the Lord in.
 The boys are up. I put on some Curious George for them to watch while I make breakfast. Today's menu: oatmeal. I notice laundry that was folded the night before still on the couch waiting to be put away.
 Time to get dressed. I recently organized the boys closet with labels on the baskets to help Joe find their clothes easily after baby comes.
 The morning was chilly and rainy. We headed out to go to the DMV and Walmart. Sounds fun, right?
Is it still Summertime? Oh well, the kids sure were sweet holding hands as we trekked through the grass.
 Squishy face. And check out that massive mosquito bite on his forehead! He is just about 2 months shy of turning 3...
 There it is, number 68. The story of this drivers license renewal thing really began yesterday. With a few phone calls that got me crying and upset all before 10am. With the upcoming expiration of my current license, I wanted to figure out where to go, what to bring, etc. Since laws differ by state, I found out I could only come with an appointment. The first available was in 3 weeks, just after my due date with this wee little one. I was told to come anyways this week to pay the fee, and walk around for up to 60 days with a "grace period" while still holding my current and expired license. I know, I know, y'all probably understand how this stuff works and really I am writing it all out for myself. Because, It was a source of major upset for me not getting things done on my timeline. And so this morning, we strolled into a very small DMV office, took a number, and waited in seats to be called. I went ahead and filled out paperwork so I would have it for the next time. Looking around I counted less than 5 people. Curiousity as to why I would need an appointment was running around in my head. "68?" There it was, time to write a check, to walk around with a reciept, hoping to keep my appointment. Taking my seat, the clerk told me, "We're just gonna go ahead and get this done today." Blessings. Thankfulness. Pure mercy from the Lord to orchestrate a time for us to go in, on a very unusually slow morning. Paperwork, check. Vision test, passed. Photograph, taken. License, granted.
I am overwhelmed even now, with gratitude just writing this. Sometimes it's the mundane things in life, like renewing a driver's license that fill your Soul.
Walmart. We grabbed some pillows and a mattress cover then headed to the toy section to browse for a bit.
 Back home to get lunch started and in the oven.
 Waiting on Daddy and Lunch.
 As soon as Joe arrived home, I departed once again. This time it was off to my weekly Dr.'s Appt.
Heartbeat is strong, and I am getting more and more excited about meeting her.
 Back home I find the boys in the middle of playing a game and lots of giggles.

The kiddos play outside for a bit, Joe heads back to work, and then we are off to to library to get books and a couple of movies before nap time.
I end up with a book from a bakery, full of fun and yummy recipes.
The boys pick out many at random and then take half of the Bob the Builder collection.
 Nap time was much more successful today and we all had some rest. Before I knew it, Dinnertime was upon us and Brandon helped to make Pancakes. He told me, "They are going to be really good because we put lots of stuff in them." At one point I had to move the cinnamon shaker away from his reach because he was under the impression that more is more.
 The only thing that makes breakfast for dinner easier is eating it on paper plates. Which we did. Part of this was due to the fact that I still had many chores ahead of me. Bath time followed immediately to rinse their bodies of syrup and then they got to watch a movie we had picked out earlier from the library. Joe did some work on the computer for a speech, and I did a quick tidy, and folded some laundry. The boys cuddled on the couch with their blankies that my Mom made for them. They love that they have something special from "Grammie".
 And just like that, 8 P.M. sunshine starts pouring in the kitchen window. It's as if today was opposite day-dark and dreary in the A.M. Bright and Cheery in the P.M. Whatever, I'll take it.
 Dropping off laundry in my room I decide to photograph these twine sphere thingys that I made a few weeks ago at a church craft night. The idea is to fill them with twinkle lights for a cozy ambience. It was a Pinterest find, one that I chose to work on, and one of those where halfway through you start to think, "man, this was a bad idea!" and "I totally should have just spent the twenty bucks at Target".
Kids in bed, husband in bed, me....I can't sleep. Nesting is at its worst in the evening and well there you go, empty sink, empty dishwasher. Paper plates for the win!
 I put on some tea to brew then head upstairs to tidy the playroom and end up doing 3 other random things. Time to sip tea, reflect on our day, and write this post. Real life hair-style right there.
 Buenas Noches.


  1. Among other things, I like seeing the pics of your new house.... :) I noticed the boys had their "baby" blankets right away and it made my Grammie-heart smile. Baby Girl's is all done and I'm trying to decide whether to mail it or bring it....and I totally "get" the DMV thing....love, mom

  2. You are stunningly beautiful! If I were as beautiful as you, I'd definitely be in more pics! Loved seeing your day. I can totally relate to the nesting. I had it B-A-D!