Thursday, August 20, 2015

Week in the Life 2015 | Wednesday

The day started off super early with a 5:30AM wake up call. I won't tattle on who it was. After sending said alarm clock back to bed, I struggled to fall back asleep, until about 15 after 7AM.  The kiddos crawled into bed with me and we hung out for a while.
 Grabbing my coffee, I noticed my mug from tea the night before, and his mug from morning coffee.
 I fill up the water cups, pour cereal for everyone, and we enjoy a simple breakfast.
 After eating, we head upstairs to the playroom/kids library/my craft space. They choose books, I thread the sewing machine. I hear lots of tunes being hummed by them and a loud click of my needle breaking.
We break for a mid morning/pre lunchtime snack. Actual lunch ends up being leftover pizza and fruit salad for them, cereal for Joe as he only had 10 minutes to spare, and a granola bar for me. Just not much of an appetite.
 Nap time, I decide we will all take naps- only person going along with the plan is me. I enjoy my super soft and wrinkly sheets for a moment, then spend the rest of the afternoon battling for quiet time. You win some, you lose some.
 Ah yes, the pre dinner grocery run. We go for odds and ends, and enough ingredients to make Lasagna. Some for dinner, other for freezer.
 Although I am a paper and pen kind of gal as my first choice, this app is the best shopping tool I have found. When I grab the listed item, I can then touch it and poof! it disappears from my list. A visual feast for me! I can also share the list with others if they happen to shop for me- technology for the win!
 Back home, I guzzle a glass of orange juice, a prenatal horse pill vitamin, and extra iron for pregnancy related anemia. Woo hoo.
 Dinner is started and the kitchen starts smelling like my childhood. My mother makes the best lasagna (IMHO) and this is my "trying to make it similar to hers" recipe.
 Kids are going crazy, and we head out in the back yard to RUNNNNNNNN! (just them, not me!- let's not get too crazy now). I notice flowers still in bloom, a ball, a stick, and lots of smoke in the air. I find out later there is an "air quality alert" due to forest fires.
 The boys decide to take a spin in their new to them-garage sale find of the century-"jeep".
Lasagna is baking, we walk about 3 minutes to check the mail: pizza coupons, shopping coupons, and junk.
Dinner is ready, and served at the late hour of 7PM. We eat together as a family and I implement the disposable plate/fork/bowl method once again.
Kids are bathed, and put in bed pretty soon afterwards. Joe and I sit in the living room discussing our day and upcoming, hunting season, and extended family prayer requests. We read together from Acts, then pray. He is worn from a long day of work, leadership stuff, a PT test, and game of tennis. I am worn with swollen feet as per usual.
 Heading upstairs for bed I notice an overflowing hamper, there is no motivation to start a load, and I continue down the hall.
 I wash the day away and crawl into bed.

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