Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Anthropologie Floral Fix

 Oh how I love Wallpaper! I can remember back as a child, my mother would put wallpaper up with coordinating borders and instantly create a cozy feel. Fast forward to adulthood... I absolutely LOVE THIS FLORAL WALLPAPER FROM ANTHROPOLOGIE(click for link) but not so much the price tag, plus being a renter has its pros and cons, and one of the cons is that I  CANNOT put up wallpaper (insert all the sad face emojis here). There was that time (a month ago) when I went to Dollar Tree for specific things ..that turned into the best extra ten dollars I have ever spent. Do y'all do that? Find yourself at the checkout with MORE than you came in for? Yes, I found this Contact paper at the Dollar Tree and adhered it to the wall, making it extra secure with staples (which are very hard to see even close up). This will cause MINIMAL damage and provides a statement wall for Selah Jo's bedroom. Yes, there are places where the seams do not perfectly match up- and being a "not so type A" person, it really doesn't bother me. You might be inspired by this idea OR you might just think I am crazy ; however, I adore this look and just wanted to share these pics of my sweet little girl, who will be FOUR MONTHS OLD!!!! this week. She is so smiley, loves to blow spit bubbles, rolls over, has a growing interest in toys, loves it when I read books to her, and is completely submissive to Mommy putting large bows and flowers on her head.
Hope your week is going great so far...much love to all!!! -Carol