Monday, March 21, 2016

What's (really) in my Diaper Bag

       This week, miss Selah Jo will turn 6 months old, and to celebrate I thought I would share a series of baby related posts. First up (as you probably have guessed by the title) I will be documenting the contents of my diaper bag. But, instead of sharing perfection I thought it would be more fun to show progression- a "before and after" if you will.
       First up, the bag....currently I am using this one- a genuine leather, London Fog brand, found at Goodwill for five dollars. It's definitely a smaller model of bags to carry for the baby stuff- but somehow the depth makes up for it. I also use THIS BAG on occasion.

Oh yes. There it all is. Let's start from top left and go right shall we?
1. Roll on Sunscreen Stick
2.Snacks (Smarties Candy & leftover wrapper from a chewy Jolly Rancher)
3. Bracelet (Worn in effort to look "put together" but at some point became an unsafe chew toy and chucked in the bag.)
4.Coupons for the craft store- because, crafts.
5. Too many lip products in the same shade + a fancy lipstick holder with mirror (thanks sis in law!)
6. One lonely die and a copper penny (Just be prepared peeps).
7.Compact Mirror
8.Wallet/Planner/Address Book thingy
9. Band-Aids
10. Tweezers and lots of wads. Wadded up Tissues, wadded up reciepts, etc.
11. Eyebrow pencil, Mascara, MORE lip product, baby Saline, plethora of pens + Sharpie + jumbo pencil
12. Cute re-usable wipes holder that is actually empty hence, another package of wipes that got shoved in .
13.What. DO. YOU. Know.!? MoRE lip product.
14.Pencil pouch that actually contains all of the little products.
15. Baby burp cloth/bib + an extra set of clothes (which in this case is a short sleeved onesie and pink cardigan...!!!)
16. Breast Pads for this nursing mama.
17. My FAVORITE Hand sanitizer!!!! 
18. A "wallet" that Brandon made and brought to share at his homeschool coop LAST WEEK.
19. A cute case to hold the Diapers - (gifted from a friend and I love it!!!)
20. The always necessary hair tie.
21.MORE COUPONS (these are for ice cream though.)
22. Produce bag for those messy situations.
23. Hand and Face Wipes + Cute striped pouch.
 Okay. Updated Situation looks like this:
1.Real Snacks.( You better believe I'm keeping those Smarties for desperate times.)
2. Added pants and socks to the "extra clothes".
3.Remedied the lazy wipes situation. 
4.Culled the lip product craziness.
5. Added a pacifier.

 BOOM.  I guess this will last as long as I don't go anywhere. I even have some extra space to shove stuff...
Here's a look at everything contained..... 
Oh yes, one more thing.... 
In case you're wondering about the sippy cups/ bottles for water, I haven't really ever had a system that works until now. 
 I don't know about you, but getting the cups filled as we are going out the door is always a time draining hassle. So my new system is have EXTRA water bottles already filled and placed inside this -free from the hospital zippered cooler pouch with handle thing- and in the refrigerator. That way, when it's time to go...I can pull out the freezer pack, place it inside and since there is a handle it's an easy addition to all of the cargo. That's probably WAY more than you wanted to know. 


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