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Day in the Life | Tuesday, March 29, 2016

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Hey y'all, just wanted to share photos + stories from my most recent Day In The Life™ . I am in the process of compiling the words/photos/times into a mini album. If you would like to see past "Day in the Life" posts you can check those out here....

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There I was, standing on the industrial mat in our local Post Office,  the handle of the infant carseat  resting in the fold of my arm , holding my bag in my hand (with that same arm), and I could feel the sweat start to bead around my hairline. The Threenager stood close by eyeing the variety of cards that were open stocked  , the cards that we had “the talk” about before entering the Post Office, the cards that somehow said Threenager managed to touch as we passed by.*sigh.  Next  to him, a boy whose little hands ( which are not so little anymore) were holding a package with damaged merchandise, which of course, was our reason for being there. There we were minding our own business on the casual errand- It was a scene from a day in my life- a day in our lives, a moment I decided to snap a photo of. Because, you see, Day in the Life came and went this year with such a comfortable feeling that gave me confidence to be that random lady with a lot of kids, sweat beading around her hairline, package in tow, and iPhone up in the air doing who. knows. what. -and I didn’t even care what people thought I might be doing with my phone.  (Insert all the appropriate hashtags here) This was my 3rd year to carry around the camera (DSLR and iPhone), and take all the photos. The coffee ones, the laundry ones, the fun ones, the messy ones, and yes- the baby ones. I had intentions to make sure I documented little Selah Jo and our routines as best as I could. Because babies don’t keep. Because moments are fleeting. Because the dynamic of our family is SO VERY DIFFERENT than it was last year and it will likely be SO VERY DIFFERENT next year. SO I took photos and I took notes and at the end of the day I had photos I didn’t expect to have and memories that were the familiar everyday mundane and majestic. So, here you go- a peek into our day

TUESDAY March 29, 2016
The sink greeted me full of the miscellany.
Sometimes coffee is poured straight out of the pot that Joe made an hour before, on this day I took the time to make espresso. Some most days just call for extra strong coffee.
Cup of morning heaven.
A bit of Psalm reading, coffee sipping, and social media checking.

The very beginnings of dinner prep: black beans soaked all night on the counter and I transferred them the the crock pot. This has been revolutionary over the pas couple of months and super cheap too.
Kiddos are watching their morning dose of educational televison. I notice darling little toes, sleepy faces, and a fashion statement.
Breakast: The water is boiling on a not-so-clean stovetop and I assemble the Oats, almonds, pumpkin puree, and chia seeds in little cups.
Good morning sunshine!
Morning Routine/Morning Joy
Getting dressed. Some days we get dressed early. Most days we chill in our jammies for a while.
This kid needed helps so I got this shot. But before I could finish snapping the button he backed away and did it himself...followed by a celebratory dance and cheer and boasting session. Ah. Being three is so very cute and complicated.
Preschool is in session. Currently learning to read, followed up by penmanship practice. He loves it and has this thing for notebooks just like his mama.
Messy bun + Messy face= Messy Morning
Laundry helper. I spy baggy sweat pants, a toddler in motion, and some sort of party happening under the dryer.
Dressed  and made it to the bathroom for a quick mascara transformation. #thisismymascaraface
Lunch for the littles.
Chores for the big.
Husband home for lunch. This is a new(ish) normal around here and we like it.
Lunch for the babe - "open wide!"
After lunch cookie distribution - the thin, chocolatey, and minty kind.
A stack of books is due today.....getting ready for an afternoon of errands.
The boys pick out a movie or two for their late afternoon rest time.
Out and about....Library, Post Office, Gas station.
Me hands full of good things, arm going numb, patience being put into practice.
My least favorite errand.
Back home the boys do a bit of puzzle play, rug ruffling and brotherly bonding.
Afternoon Intermission | Nursing babe- then nap-another social media check- boys are watching one of their library movies and waiting on me to make them popcorn.    .

Took a mini break from taking photos....and Dinner prep started happening. It's Taco Tuesday which means pineapple salsa.
Selah girl hangs with Daddy so I can keep meal making.
Fresh corn tortillas - so good and so easy. It's how I keep a piece of Mexico in my heart.
A stack of imperfect awesomeness.
Salmon Tacos ala window photo shoot.
Dinnertime filled us with tacos, a chance to connect, and was garnished with a mild meltdown. This is us and these are the days.
Joe bathes the boys (as per usual) and I catch a glipse of God's glorious sunset.
This girl totally enjoys a good soak in the tub. Babies + bubbles+bath time=bonding moments. I really love this season of babyhood....sleep deprived and all!
Husband pulls out his study supplies for the evening and makes a cup of tea.
I notice a million things out of place so I do a bit of cleaning and call it "good enough". 

I love this project so very much and if you are curious to see more- read more- I highly recommend that you check out the project HERE: Day In The Life™ <<<<click for link. 



  1. Great pictures, and great moments captured :)

  2. I love your "realness" of real life...the not so clean stovetop, beads of sweat, the meltdown, etc. That's the kind of writing that draws the reader into your day. It is so honest and sweet.