Thursday, January 19, 2017

Messy + Mundane = Grace

Hello 2017. I honestly wasn't even sure if I would be able to sign in to write this post. But clearly, it has worked and whoa! it has been a minute (is this what the cool kids say ? ) since I last posted. I left off mid week of "Week in the Life" and kept telling myself I couldn't stray from those posts until I completed the week. But here I am breaking my own silly rules.

I woke up Wednesday morning to a house that was very much out of order. Toys here, laundry piles there, and evidence of watercolor fun- just a fraction of the complete disarray of it all.

 Let's play "spot the broken crayon".

 Yesterday's checker game.


The laundry that wins the award for virtue in patience.

 Then there is me.

Some argue that a home that is disorderly means a heart that is disorderly. And quite honestly, whether my home is spic-and-span - "Better Homes and Gardens" worthy or is spewing evidence of people living heart is one of disorder. Even on the days it is clean. Fallen world=Fallen human. I am not a perfect person. I do not even strive for perfection. Sure- a clean home has its place- just not on Wednesday mornings following a day that was full of cultivating friendships and hospitality, homeschooling, a fellowship meal at church, followed by an unexpected visit to the E.R. We all have days-sometimes weeks- even months like this. But I see so much beauty in it all- so much hope in it all- so much sanctification in the tidying of it all. I choose to see the grace in it all - because I serve a God of great grace. May you be encouraged through the messy and mundane!



  1. I LOVE this post and your comments. They are brimming with truth. We need God's grace EVERY day, even when our house is neat and tidy. Keep pressing on and thank you for sharing!