Friday, July 7, 2017

Camping Chronicle

This past Saturday our little family set out for another mini adventure. Just less than an hour away we set up tents, explored in the stream, and cooked on the fire... all for our first family camping trip. Joe has taken the boys multiple times now - so us girls were the rookies.

I didn't set out unprepared though... in fact some of the prep work I did, turned out to make camping a breeze...sort of....if you are curious just know it has something to do with a 5 gallon bucket, a pool noodle, and some kitty litter. #lifesaver

Our wildflower pickin', overall wearin', stream side explorin'  Selah Jo.


The boys totally wrecked their tennis shoes , but the exploration done was totally worth it.

We got a family pic to prove we were all there ;) 

 On the menu: leftover tacos, scrambled eggs, toaster pastries that pop and aren't very tart, grapes and coffee. Saving 'smore's for the next trip.

The night started with all of us in the tent and by 3 A.M. ish  us girls ended up in the back of the van with more blankets and actual sleep. 

Next trip, I would really like to bring some colored pencils and notebooks for some nature journaling during downtime.
Overall, I'd say it was a successful one night /half day of trial and error, lessons and blessings, and the start of a new adventuring chapter for our family.

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