Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Summer 2017 | Around Here

Hello Summer. Hello Mexican stemware and family dinners. Around here we are....

Eating: all the watermelon. Unhealthy Fair Food. More Watermelon.

Around here we are Reading : 
Books atop window sills and 
DVD covers about monkeys who become doctors for a day. 

Around here we are Playing: 
artificial appetizer assembly games, tented pool partying, and a rousing game of "clean up, pick up" on the reg.

Around here we are Funding:
 the state fair. AKA spending way to much money 
for a few hours of good fun and sweet /slightly savory memories.

Around here we are Learning : 
 currently in week 3 of the new school year ( yes it's early!), 
because we are counting down the days until VACAY! 

That's just a peek into our Summer 2017, hope y'all are enjoying yours!

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